Discover the Many Benefits of Purchase Order Financing

Purchase order financing is one of the most popular financial programs BlackRock Commercial Lending offers, and it’s easy to see why. Purchase Order Financing is a short-term commercial finance option to provide the needed capital to pay suppliers through their product cycle against verified purchase orders. It’s one of the easiest types of financing to qualify for, and it provides you with the money you need to pay your suppliers right away. With your suppliers paid, you’ll have the money you need to purchase presold merchandise and/or finished goods. That means you’ll be able to fulfill orders on time and keep your customers satisfied.

Details About Our Program

It doesn’t matter if your company deals with exports or imports or both. Our purchase order financing program can help you succeed by giving you access to money you need to reach your potential. The program has the capability of doing the following for you:

  • Providing you with convenient, fast funding
  • Making it possible for you to make large or unexpected orders on time
  • Helping you grow your business
  • Expanding your market share

Don’t worry if your business currently struggles with cash flow. Through this program, we can help! We can also provide you with letters of credit for all your domestic trade purchases or other transactions (import and export).

Apply Today

If you’re interested in applying for purchase order financing, we can walk you through the process. Contact us today to request an application or to learn more.