Why Choose BlackRock Commercial Lending for Equipment Financing

At BlackRock Commercial Lending, our primary goal is to help your business to succeed financially. We view our customers as partners, and we go above and beyond to help you reach your business goals. Whether your business requires manufacturing, construction, transportation, restaurant, medical equipment or a corporate aircraft, we can offer you a customized financing solution to help grow your business.

Customized Equipment Financing Terms, Loan Amounts and Interest Rates

We understand that every business is unique, and the best loans take your company’s specific circumstances into account. We can help you qualify for long-term loans with excellent interest rates for equipment purchases. This flexibility includes the capital required for down payments as well as repayment structures. For example, if you run a seasonal construction business, we can provide payment options that adapt to your peak work times. Our team has extensive experience in valuing fixed assets and structuring transactions for small and medium size businesses.

How can you choose the best equipment financing loan option? You don’t need to make the call on your own. Our helpful team is always ready to provide recommendations and answer your questions.

Equipment Leasing

For some businesses, equipment leasing may be a more suitable option for your business. BlackRock Commercial Lending provide a variety of equipment leasing options to meet your business needs. Some advantages of leasing include the following:

  • New equipment
  • Tax advantages
  • Preservation of business credit lines
  • Low payments on a monthly schedule
  • Fixed payments
  • 84-month payment plans
  • Fast approval

Here are a few items we can help you finance:

  • Large construction equipment
  • Smaller construction machinery
  • Production equipment
  • Assembly line systems
  • Computer systems and IT equipment
  • Restaurant appliances and prep surfaces
  • Restaurant payment systems

At BlackRock Commercial Lending, we can work with you to finance each type of equipment your company needs. To learn more about the options available, contact us right away.