Accounts Receivable Financing: An Innovative Funding Solution

As an owner, manager or administrator, your job is to secure funding options for your company. You want to obtain the capital it needs, but they should also leave your company in an ideal position. Here’s some good news: You could have potential untapped funds right under your nose. If your business has receivables and customers taking up to 90 days or more to pay, BlackRock Commercial Lending’s accounts receivable financing may be the perfect solution.

Our A.R. Financing Services

Financing receivables is a unique method that provides capital without incurring new debt or affecting a business’s equity. Your business sells its unpaid customer invoices at a discount and receives cash right away. BlackRock Commercial Lending then collects payment from your customers. Not only does your company access cash from receivables sooner, but you also enjoy other advantages:

  • Receiving cash in 24 hours
  • Fixed payments not required
  • Free credit insurance on your customers
  • No recourse or personal guarantees needed

With receivables financing, your available funding increases as your sales grow. Whether it’s essentials like payroll and operating expenses, the good news is that, you can use the funds for any business purpose.

Learn About Your Options

BlackRock Commercial Lending’s accounts receivable financing can help you solve key challenges and enable your business to grow. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation.